General Terms of Conditons Sail & Ride (GTC)



Thank you for your interests in Sail & Ride. In addition to our goal, to give you as many positive impressions of the travel destination as possible,we would like to refer to mutual rights and obligations that arise for you as a guest and us as a tour operator.

When you book one of our trips online, a package tour contract is concluded between you and Sail & Ride. All of our trips are package tours, as at least two separate types of services are offered in one package. Therefore, all regulations of the European Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 25, 2015 on package holidays and related travel services apply,

which were implemented in Section 651 of the Civil Code of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Our general terms and conditions are listed below as supplements.


1. Booking

By booking a Sail & Ride trip we assume that our guests have minimal basic fitness and health suitability for our tours, which are not a prerequisite for our sailing and motor sailing trips. We would be happy to advise you on the special requirements of individual travel destinations and on offers for groups of people with restricted mobility or children.


2. Payment
After successful booking you will receive a booking confirmation by email with the invoice. A deposit of at least 30% of the travel price is due within 14 days of receipt of the booking confirmation.With the receipt of the payment we guarantee you a place for the trip.

During the latter period you can withdraw from the trip and package travel contract with a declaration of cancellation without fees and stating the reasons. The remaining amount of the travel price is due 8 weeks before the start of the trip at the latest.

In order to guarantee repayment, in the event of insolvency proceedings, we will issue you with a travel insurance certificate required by German law.

When booking for several people, the main traveler is responsible for timely payment.

3. Pre-contractual Information Dues

We will inform you as soon the contract is concluded about general passport and visa requirements of the country of destination, including the approximate deadlines for obtaining visas or invitations. As a guest, you are responsible for compliance with the entry requirements, in case that we have not arranged a visa for you.

In addition, you will receive basic travel information about your trip and information within the meaning of Section 651d of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, taking into account the Introductory Act Art 250, before entering into the contract.


4. Performance Assurance

We guarantee a carefully organized structure and selection of service providers for our group tours, which will safely guide each individual traveler through areas that are less well-known to them, and mediate among travelers and other travel participants regardless of political, religious, sexual or other intellectual attitudes.

The bike rental and ships suitable for multi-day trips as well as their or external additional services, sports equipment and animals are arranged.

The harmonious travel process with extraordinary experiences is striven for and, in a certain sense, also aim an orientation with a sporty, cultural and geosocial character of the trip. This means that lectures are prepared by the tour guide to special locations on the travel routes in German, English, French and Russian and that guests’ wishes can be met through special local knowledge.

Furthermore, a basic bike technical service for the guests can be guaranteed during the tours. Pure sailing / motor sailing trips are excluded from the services mentioned from beginning of this paragraph. The duty of assistance for us as a travel companion applies in any case. Inquiries about the contact addresses and telephone numbers for help in emergencies given in the travel documents will be answered as quickly as possible, but at the latest within 12 hours.


5. Price increases and reductions

We reserve the right to include exchange rate fluctuations, port fees, fuel costs, drinking water supply costs, tourist taxes in addition to the travel price up to 20 days before the trip.

Travel price reductions and increases are set as maximum acceptable for both parties up to 8% of the travel price.

6. Travelroutes

The travel routes are results based on experience and preparations by the individual employees, primarily the captains and secondarily the guides, but this does not result in the tour operator “Sail & Ride” being absolutely liable for damage to the road, construction sites or changes in the planned travel itinerary due to unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances.

The travel dates given in advertising brochures and the company’s Internet presence are climatic and possible measurement-related deviations are necessary, therefore these are to be regarded as guidelines and as a general orientation. The individual travel routes are therefore variable and adapted to the circumstances under reasonable physical conditions of the guests.

7. Trip Interruption

Please note that travel places are limited. Likewise, the travel contract can be canceled on our part up to 3 weeks before the start of the trip without compensation claims if the minimum number of participants of 80% is not reached for a maximum of less than 10 participants and 70% for more than 10 participants or if there are other obstacles to the fulfillment of the contract. You will receive the amount paid back no later than 14 days after the announcement of a non-trip.

Alternatively, you are also offered to accept a travel voucher with an added value of 5%, which can be used indefinitely on all offers from Sail & Ride.

You can also withdraw from the travel contract at any time, however, upon expiry of the period of 14 days after receipt of the booking confirmation, cancellation fees are due, which are calculated as follows:


100% of the travel price if the trip does not start without cancellation

95% of the travel price if you do not start the trip with cancellation on the starting day

1 day – 1 week before the start of the trip 90% of the travel price

between 1 – 2 weeks before the start of the trip 80% of the travel price

between 2 – 3 weeks before the start of the trip 70% of the travel price

between 3 – 4 weeks before the start of the trip 50% of the travel price

from more than 4 weeks before the start of the trip 30% of the travel price

from 8 weeks before the start of the trip 10% of the travel price


Withdrawal from a travel contract requires an oral or written notification to, (tel.).

The trips are transferable to other people as private individuals but must be communicated to the tour operator before the start of the trip.

8. Limitation of Liability

Travel defects have to be reported by the customer to the tour guide or the office immediately after the detection and have to be claimed as soon as possible in order to get a remedy and compensation payment if the amount to be complained is not higher than € 200 per main traveler or cannot be compensated by a higher non financial consideration.

There is a legal claim to compensation within a limitation period of 2 years.

Internal voucher coupons distributed by us or companies and partners can only be redeemed as long as there is no insolvency proceedings against Sail & Ride.

Even if the wheels and cabins are checked by us before the trip, we ask you to use them carefully and check the defects in particular, as you as a guest can be held responsible for any damage.

The bikes can be insured against theft and damage by the tour guide in cooperations with a individual bike assurance.

Locks are handed out for the trip together with helmets during sailing and cycling trips.

You are only liable for grossly negligent damage that occurs during your use or if recommendations of the tour guide are disregarded. You are responsible for compliance with local regulations and road traffic regulations. Please note the helmet requirement for certain European countries. (Spain)

The general terms and conditions of the shipping companies / ship operators apply during transport on the ship and during embarkation and disembarkation. Sail & Ride assumes no liability for offers of additional sporting programs. In these cases, the terms and conditions of the partner service providers apply, to whose terms and conditions are indicated in the travel documents.

Our contractual liability for damage that is not physical damage and is not culpably caused is limited to three times the travel price. The limitation of liability mentioned here does not apply to claims, to the loss of luggage, for which the customer is solely liable, unless loss or damage was caused by us or our partners and cannot be refuted.

If we are the sale agent of a trip, we are not responsible for the travel services of the arranged trip (e.g. pure sailing trips).

The duty of supervision of legal guardians, trainers and teachers for minors applies during all trips and cannot be guaranteed by Sail & Ride. The booking of trips for under 18 year olds requires the written consent of the legal guardian.

If you have any doubts about the legal success of the booked trips, we recommend taking out private travel insurance.


In summary, you can be assured that our promised travel services will be carried out conscientiously.

Thank you in advance for your trust.